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 Guest Photos 

Do you have any pics from Minerva you'd like to see here? Just let me know and we'll see what can be done? (but the webmaster's decision is final!)

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Minerva-1987-forward-seacat.jpg (26063 bytes)

Forward seacat shoot 1987(Richard Perkins)

Minerva-1987-2-web.jpg (76161 bytes)

1987 storm (Richard Perkins)

Minerva-1987-1-web.jpg (95005 bytes)

1987 storm (Richard Perkins)

Greenies-mess-1975-web.jpg (85361 bytes)

Greenies Mess, 1975 (Dell Godden)

Up-the-ICE--1975-web.jpg (95544 bytes)

Ice patrol 1975 (Dell Godden)

Harold Darby 1970-72.jpg (86254 bytes)

RO Harold Darby (1970-72)- "Darbs" (Angela Darby)

steve-baldwin-2.jpg (102094 bytes)

George Gilmore, Chippy Carpenter, Lon Chaney, Steve Rose, JohnBussard and others, Windies 1974 (Steve Baldwin)

steve-baldwin-1.jpg (78668 bytes)

Bill Stacey, Ed Brady, Chippy Carpenter and some marines.Windies 1974 (Steve Baldwin)

web-HMS-MINERVA-3-May-1992.jpg (51957 bytes)

Entering Pompey, 3rd May 1992 (Glen White)

web-HMS-MINERVA-May-1992.jpg (52903 bytes)

Entering Pompey, 3rd May 1992 (Glen White)

web-c-Brant-L-G-Williams-R.jpg (54650 bytes)

Chris Brant, Gareth Williams meet again in Arizona, 2009 (Bill Stacey)

Bermuda1973.jpg (285992 bytes)

?, Simon Moore, Taff ? and Michael Golden (Pony Moore)

Geoff-Lomas-calls-the-hands.jpg (73099 bytes)

Geoff Lomas calls the hands, informal reumion Tunbridge Wells 2009 (Barry Miller)

John-Chaney-1.jpg (65177 bytes)

Polly Perkins, Chippy Carpenter, Lon Chaney, Bill Stacey (John Chaney)

John-Chaney-2.jpg (45484 bytes)

?, at rear Lon Chaney, laying George Gilmore, Bill Stacey, Larry Lamb (John Chaney)

John-Chaney-3.jpg (45932 bytes)

Polly Perkins, Lon Chaney (John Chaney)

John-Chaney-4.jpg (84664 bytes)

Trevor Sheard, Bill Stacey,?, Brigham Young (John Chaney)

John-Chaney-5.jpg (62307 bytes)

George Gilmore, not known, Bill Stacey, Clem Clemo (John Chaney)

John-Chaney-6.jpg (132246 bytes)

? , Trevor Sheard Polly Perkins Chippy carpenter, ?,  on ground. Brigham young, Lon Chaney and the mad driver George Gilmore (John Chaney)

Navvis-Den-Capetown-1971.jpg (71607 bytes)

Navvi's Den, Capetown 1971.
Clive Cuppit, Garry Callow, Steve Clark

Min-in-Falklands.jpg (70828 bytes)

Falklands 1982 (Taff Price)

Nassau.jpg (104155 bytes)

Entering Nassau 1973 (Bill Stacey)

Navy-days-1980s01.jpg (56497 bytes)

Navy Days, Plymouth in 1980s (Bill Stacey)

Navy-days-1980s02.jpg (66977 bytes)

Navy Days, Plymouth in 1980s (Bill Stacey)

chippy-reunion-003.jpg (98717 bytes)

 Chippy Carpenter (RP1 1973-5) reunion with Bill Stacey (Bill Stacey)

Antwerp.jpg (85890 bytes)

Antwerp (Norman Cooper)

Cans to be washed after being stowed in double bottom.jpg (134292 bytes)

cans to be washed after stowage in the double bottom (Norman Cooper)

File0035.jpg (89051 bytes)

who? (Norman Cooper)

HRH playing cricket St Kitts.jpg (547741 bytes)

HRH playing cricket, St Kitts (Norman Cooper)

Ken, Mack,Red,Mick, Pony, Soapy & .jpg (113525 bytes)

Ken, Mack,Red,  Mick, Pony, Soapy (Norman Cooper)

Old admiralty HouseBermuda Red,Ken,Soapy,Mick & Mack.jpg (111895 bytes)

Old Admiralty House Bermuda. Red, Ken, Soapy, Mick & Mack (Norman Cooper)

Sods Opera copy.jpg (124886 bytes)

Sod's opera (Norman Cooper)

Stan in Madras .jpg (99938 bytes)

Stan in Madras  (Norman Cooper)

Stokers 1981.jpg (113403 bytes)

1981 stokers. L-R: 

Jimmy Greaves, Pricky Pritchard, Robbie Robinson, Frankie Franklin, Yorkie Prynne, Gabby Hayes,
Hubby Hubbard, Ozzi Oskins, Scouse Howgate, Ginge Murray.
Greenies Banyan.jpg (111121 bytes)

Greenies Banyan, Windies, 1973 (Norman Cooper)

HRH.jpg (94504 bytes)

HRH, Windies, 1973 (Norman Cooper)

Whisky walker and John Street.jpg (89127 bytes)

Whiskey Walker, John Street, Windies, 1973 (Norman Cooper)

Anguilla2.jpg (138454 bytes)

Mike Gore, "Taff" Booth & Jeff Hilton, Anguilla 1969, (Mike Gore)

Anguilla1.jpg (131379 bytes)

Mike Gore, LS "Ken" Dodd, POGI Bushell & Jeff Robinson, OCRM, in the background , Anguilla 1969, (Mike Gore)

web-Ultimate-R.A.S.jpg (72795 bytes)

"The ultimate RAS"? bottom to top - Minerva; Tidereach; Hermes; Reliant; Galatea; Retainer Indian Ocean 1967 (Simon Lockyer, on RFA Retainer)

web-Ultimate-R.A.S.-2.jpg (56312 bytes)

"The ultimate RAS"? L-R Minerva; Tidereach; Hermes; Reliant; Galatea; Retainer Indian Ocean 1967 (Simon Lockyer, on RFA Retainer)

banyan-Bahamas-Fwd-PO's-mes.jpg (45212 bytes)

2K POs banyan, West Indies 1974 (Mac McPherson)

Glamorgan-Triumph-Olwen-Min.jpg (60210 bytes)

Triumph & Minerva refuel from Olwen, Glamorgan astern, off River Plate Jan 1972. (Jess James, HMS Glamorgan)

1st commission crew list, see 1st Commission Page (Bob Williams) web-paul-darby-and-the-doc.jpg (47879 bytes)

PO Paul Lomas; the Doc; PO Darby Allen, with American friends, 1973, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, (Paul Lomas)

web-me-port-au-prince.jpg (51016 bytes)

The man himself - Ged Cain, RM, 74-75

web-minerva-off-portland-pr.jpg (42959 bytes)

Minerva off Portland, (Ged Cain)

web-wasp-flight-inbound-to-.jpg (34902 bytes)

Flying in (Ged Cain)

web-epic-and-minerva.jpg (50286 bytes)

Minerva to the aid of tanker Epic Colocotronis, following fire May 1975

web-Sunderland-1974.jpg (95969 bytes)

Duty watches of NATO squadron after fighting warehouse fire at Sunderland 1974

web-Minerva-Eng.Rm..jpg (49739 bytes)

Stan Holloway. Engine Room 1973 (Stan Holloway) 

web-familiar-face.jpg (49322 bytes)

HRH off Bermuda 1973 (Stan Holloway)

milestone.jpg (36499 bytes)

Goffers (Bill Stacey)

Kiel-canal-1974.jpg (51323 bytes)

Kiel canal 1974 (Bill Stacey)

HRH-Nassau-1973.jpg (51027 bytes)

HRH, Nassau 1973 (Bill Stacey)

coming-alongside-nassau-197.jpg (46133 bytes)

Nassau, for their independence 1973 (Bill Stacey)

minerva-flight-1970.jpg (51971 bytes)

Minerva Flight 1970 (Michael Thomas)

roughers-1970.jpg (15586 bytes)

roughers 1970 (Michael Thomas)

Jim-miller-Crew Pic.jpg (40897 bytes)

Kira Kira garlands (Solomon Islands) (Jim Miller). Back row: CPO ?,  CEA McDonald, Jim Miller, OA Pony Moore, Pete Fox, Mick Wilson, Ron Tracey, MEA3 Simmon (Chippies Mate), Macaulliffe

Front row:- ?, Stu Howells, Jan Strutt,  Tim Townend

GM_Minerva_from_Plumleaf 31jul82_ return fm Falklands_proc.jpg (43321 bytes)

Minerva from RFA Plumleaf 31st July 1982, on return from Falklands (George Mortimore)

GM_Minerva 2_from_Plumleaf 31jul82_ return fm Falklands_proc.jpg (43245 bytes)

Minerva from RFA Plumleaf 31st July 1982, note piper on bridge roof, from 2nd Bn Scots Guards

Lofty Holmes.jpg (32290 bytes)

Lofty Holmes ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

YorkiePerry&co.jpg (30526 bytes)

Yorkie Perry, Mne Booth and L/Ck Tab Hunter ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

jim_miller_Last tot.jpg (35377 bytes)

July 1970, Beira Patrol, "Up Spirits" for the last time (Jim Miller)

JB Lean-1st_lieut_line_crossing.jpg (36105 bytes)

1st Lieut (JB Lean) Line Crossing ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

JockMacLaughlin-Ben Gunn-Marines.jpg (11292 bytes)

Jock McLaughlin, Ben Gunn (Booties) ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

Lofty Holmes 2.jpg (34105 bytes)

Lofty Holmes ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

beer-b-cue.jpg (45378 bytes)

 Beer-B-Q,~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

Ben Gunn-Marine.jpg (22391 bytes)

Ben Gunn ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

 geoffcox_taffpowell.jpg (31132 bytes)

Geoff Cox (PO Stwd) & Taff Powell (PO Chef) ~1971 (Arthur Lothian)

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