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 The Jimmy's Page 


Lt Cdr JB Lean was Minerva's first lieutenant from 1968-70. I am delighted to publish a selection of his photos and, at my request, a few words about the view from (almost) the top.

The spirit of the ship's company stands out in my memory. You rose to every challenge and enjoyed the challenges. Of course, you wouldn't have been sailors if you hadn't grumbled, but it used to amuse me to be told that when ashore in the company of other ships' companies you stood that much taller and chided them for being in slack ships, saying "You wouldn't get away with that in Min". Mind you, I'm not fool enough to imagine that you didn't get away with this and that, and all these years later I would love to hear from you what you did get away with. For my part I enjoyed the shadow boxing with the ship's company. I recall a mildly scurrilous magazine appearing from the mess decks and, not surprisingly, Jim was one of the easier targets. My response was to feed the authors a little bait which they could seize. Some were slightly disappointed that "authority" appeared to be amused. We had a grand ship's company and from the engine room to the helicopter (bottom to top) the ship performed extremely well - not just my opinion but that expressed by captains and admirals in command of us. We were lucky to have a superb programme and in all it was the most memorable commission of my career

J.B.Lean 2nd May 2003

New Jimmy joins Sept 1968.jpg (40827 bytes)

The new Jimmy joins, Sept 1968

GI's dream Oct 1968.jpg (38150 bytes)

"GI's Dream Sept 1968" (SNOWI - Senior Naval Officer West Indies - wore his hair long. The GI was also the ship's barber.)

Commissioning Oct 1968 Cdr Armytage addresses ships coy.jpg (47612 bytes)

Recommissioning ceremony, the Captain, Commander David Armytage Oct 1968

Officers on Anguilla beach 1969.jpg (30967 bytes)

Officers hard at work invading Anguilla, 1969. L-R, Lt Nigel Dark (pilot); Lt Mike Clarke, Supply Officer); S/Lt Brian Ward, Bosun PR; Lt (later Admiral) Peter Abbott, Navigator;

Anguilla cartoon 1969.jpg (57405 bytes)

 Anguilla cartoon, 1969

Capt Arntage JB Lean freedom of Mobile 1969.jpg (26948 bytes)

The Captain (Cdr D Armytage), & Jimmy (Lt Cdr JB Lean) installed as honorary citizens of Mobile, Alabama, 1969.

Brit Honduras Mayan village 1969.jpg (25004 bytes)

Mayan Village in British Honduras, 1969

Puerto Cortes visitors queuing 1969.jpg (34420 bytes)

Puerto Cortes, 1969, managing the throng of visitors

Return Portsmouth July 1969 processed.jpg (22516 bytes)

Return to Portsmouth, July 1969

Return Chatham July 1969.jpg (30280 bytes)

Return to Chatham, July 1969

Eagle & Minerva Jan 1970.jpg (26540 bytes)

Minerva (left) and Eagle, Med, Jan 1970

Moscva from Wasp Jan 1970.jpg (24354 bytes)

Moskva from the Wasp, Jan 1970 (Moskva was the first Russian carrier)

Minerva Tromso fjord Feb 1970 processed.jpg (56073 bytes)

Tromso Fjord, 1970

Coral Sea sunset 1970.jpg (16006 bytes)

Coral Sea, 1970

Coral Sea sunset 2 1970.jpg (22281 bytes)

Coral Sea 1970

Gizo met by war canoes 1970.jpg (21469 bytes)

Gizo, British Solomon Islands, met by war canoes. 1970

Kira Kira children 2 1970.jpg (21491 bytes)

Kira Kira (Solomon Islands) children, 1970

Yandina dancers 2 1970.jpg (46285 bytes)

Yandina, Solomon Islands 1970, dancers

Minerva preparation fuelling at sea 1970.jpg (43982 bytes)

Prep for RAS, 1970

Minerva from helicopter Sept 1970 processed.jpg (39210 bytes)

Minerva, from aloft. Sept 1970

Minerva helicopter landing Sept 1970.jpg (31792 bytes)

Wasp landing on Minerva, Sept 1970

Singapore banyan  2 1970.jpg (48487 bytes)

Banyan, Singapore, 1970

Wardroom inc Lts Sloot_ Newsom.jpg (48646 bytes)

In the Wardroom, 1970. L-R Lt Roger Bryant, pilot; Lt Simon Sloot, Supply Officer; Lt Simon Newsom, DWEO.

Rotorua geiser.jpg (14376 bytes)

Geyser at Rotorua, New Zealand, 1970

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