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 Photos Page 10

The last 10 pages have all been my photos, and cover my 2 1/2 years on Minerva, from 1970 - 1972. I have no more to add, but welcome submissions from any of my readers. See here for scan tips. Pictures of Minerva, or of Minerva people, or cartoons, are especially welcome. (PRI Chas Cooper, where are your cartoons?)

41_Captains_rounds_Xmas_Day_Mombasa_1971.jpg (29718 bytes)

Captains rounds Xmas Day 1971 - the youngest member of the crew

43_Isaac_Newton_Brian_McCormick_POs_Mess_Xmas_Day_1971.jpg (27546 bytes)

Xmas Day in the for'd PO's mess. CEA Isaac Newton, REA Brian McCormick

44_CEA_Isaac_Newton_POs_Mess_Xmas_Day_1971.jpg (21716 bytes)

Isaac in a festive mood Xmas Day 1971

02_Silversands_Mombasa_JasperReynolds_Buster_Brown_Tony_Baldwin_Dec1971.jpg (46426 bytes)

Silversands "R&R" camp, Mombasa. REA Jasper Reynolds, CEA Buster Brown, REA Tony Baldwin Dec 1971

12_the bar_at_Silversands_Mombasa_De1971.jpg (48528 bytes)

Silversands, the bar

31_Jomo_Kenyatta_House_Mombasa_Dec1971.jpg (47552 bytes)

Jomo Kenyatta's pad, near Silversands

15_lizard_Silversands_Mombasa_Dec1971.jpg (28500 bytes)

Silversands lizard

16_monkey_Silversands_Mombasa_Dec1971.jpg (22599 bytes)

& Silversands monkey

46_seacat_missiles_Indian_Ocean_Jan1972.jpg (34870 bytes)

Seacat silhouette

44_mortar_bomb_Indian_Ocean_Jan1972.jpg (47555 bytes)

Deammunitioning begins - mortar bomb in the Indian Ocean

45_mortar_bomb_Indian_Ocean_Jan1972.jpg (33824 bytes)

and again

50_merchant_ship_Indian_Ocean_Jan1972.jpg (37470 bytes)

Sunset, Indian Ocean (before you complain about lack of sharpness, that was a hand held 600 mm lens at 1/30 sec, on a moving deck)

09_HMS_Glamorgan_Atlantic_Jan1972.jpg (19804 bytes)

HMS Glamorgan

11_HMS_Glamorgan_Atlantic_Jan1972.jpg (26855 bytes)

HMS Glamorgan, Indian Ocean Jan 1972

13_Glamorgan_&_Triumph_Atlantic_Jan1972.jpg (36508 bytes)

HMS Glamorgan, HMS Triumph, Indian Ocean Jan 1972

14_HMS_Triumph_Atlantic_Jan1972.jpg (31223 bytes)

HMS Triumph (Heavy Repair Ship)

15_2K_CPOs_mess_dinner_Jan1972.jpg (54746 bytes)

Another 2K CPO's mess dinner. Bill ?, CEA Isaac Newton, REA Jasper Reynolds, REA Tony Baldwin, OA Emrys John, CEA Buster Brown, CEA George Ayton, OA Ken ?, L Mech ?

07_sleeping_shelves_2k_CPOs_mess_Jan1972.jpg (45176 bytes)

Sleeping shelves, "K CPO's mess

Bill ? & Emrys John


21_HMS_Minerva_flight_deck_logo_Jan1972.jpg (42973 bytes)

Flight deck crest

22_HMS_Glamorgan_River_Plate_Jan1972.jpg (28899 bytes)

HMS Glamorgan in the River Plate, Jan 1972 (Taken with a polarising filter)

35_Buenos_Aires_Worlds_widest_avenue_Jan1972.jpg (42753 bytes)

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Said to be the world's widest avenue in Jan 1972

36_Buenos_Aires_Latin_Quarter_Jan1972.jpg (44438 bytes)

Latin night - as much wine as you could drink, Buenos Aires

41_Buster_Brown_&_Brazilians_Buenos_Aires_jan1972.jpg (38751 bytes)

Buster Brown & visiting Brazilians, Buenos Aires

03_presidents_Palace_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (30158 bytes)

Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan 1972

45_Dartigas_Sq_Montivideo_Uruguay_Jan1972.jpg (36986 bytes)

D'Artigas Square, Montevideo

06_Royal_Marines_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (50400 bytes)

Our Boys - Royal Marines in Nos Ones, Montevideo Jan 1972

07_Royal_Marines_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (41976 bytes)

Royal Marines, Montevideo Jan 1972

08_OCRM_Montevideo_Uruguay_Jan1972.jpg (24044 bytes)

OCRM, Montevideo

09_Dick_Sgt_of_Marines_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (35470 bytes)

Sgt Dick Young 

10_Royal_Marine_Guard_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (36748 bytes)
11_Artigas_statue_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (33550 bytes)

D'Artigas statue, Montevideo

14_Midshipmen_&_Marines_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (48748 bytes)

Midshipmen with a massive bunch of flowers

18_Montevideo_ceremony_Jan1972.jpg (40644 bytes)
21_Admiral_Williams_Montevideo_ceremony_Jan1972.jpg (46858 bytes)

Admiral Williams

15_Admiral_Williams_&_others_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (51197 bytes)

A clutch of captains?

23_a_clutch_of_captains_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (29793 bytes)

..or an addle of admirals?

24_3_Mess_social_Mission_girls_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (43385 bytes)

2K CPO's mess social, Montevideo. Girls from the local church (really!)

26_Graf_Spee_anchor_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (26467 bytes)

Graf Spee anchor, scuttled off Montevideo after the Battle of the River Plate, 1940

40_Argentine_navy_off_Montevideo_Jan1972.jpg (27095 bytes)

Argentine fleet puts to sea


42_HMS_Triumph_enters_Rio_de_Janeiro_Feb1972.jpg (20099 bytes)

HMS Triumph, followed by HMS Glamorgan, Feb 1972

06_Sugar_Loaf_Rio_de_Janeiro_Feb1972.jpg (41262 bytes)

Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Feb 1972

27_Corcovado_Rio_de_Janeiro_Brazil_Feb1972.jpg (25136 bytes)

Statue of Christ on Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

31_HMS_Minerva_floodlit_Rio_de_Janeiro_Feb1972.jpg (44444 bytes)

HMS Minerva floodlit, Rio de Janeiro

32_HMS_Glamorgan_floodlit_Rio_de_Janeiro_Feb1972.jpg (32395 bytes)

HMS Glamorgan floodlit

33_HMS_Triumph_floodlit_Rio_de_Janeiro_Feb1972.jpg (36121 bytes)

HMS Triumph floodlit

04_Mardi_Gras_Salvador_Brazil_Feb1972.jpg (39117 bytes)

Ashore in Rio. The guy on the right is the stores CPO, I think

05_Mardi_Gras_Salvador_new_engineer_officer_Feb1972.jpg (43079 bytes)

The new engineer officer joined in Rio

37_Rio_de_Janeiro_&_Corcovado_Feb1972.jpg (37828 bytes)

Rio on departure, Feb 1972. We sailed early because a killick from Triumph had been shot dead in a taxi.

07_Rough_sea_North_Atlantic_Feb1972.jpg (33151 bytes)

Homeward bound, North Atlantic, Feb 1972

09_Nimrod_maritme_Patrol_Aircraft_Feb1972.jpg (15252 bytes)

Nimrod maritime patrol

10_Paddle_tug_for_families_Portsmouth_25Feb1972.jpg (27334 bytes)

families coming out to meet the ship. Portsmouth Feb 1972


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