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 Photos Page 7

13_Longex_HMS_Charybdis_Bay_of_Islands_Oct1970.jpg (45285 bytes)

HMS Charybdis during Longex, Bay of Islands New Zealand Nov 1970

19_Longex_sunrise_Bay_of_Islands_NZ_Oct1970.jpg (40735 bytes)

Sunrise, Bay of Islands Nov 1970

22_HMNZS_Waikato_HMS_Charybdis_HMNZS_Taranaki_Oct1970.jpg (47342 bytes)

HMNZS Waikato, (with engine room fire), HMS Charybdis, HMNZS Taranaki, Longex Nov 1970

23_HMNZS_Waikato_engine_room_fire_Oct1970.jpg (37743 bytes)

Waikato exhausting smoke after fire extinguished Nov 1970

27_HMNZS_Waikato_under_tow_Oct1970.jpg (24957 bytes)

"Wherever you go, take a Waikato" (Ad for a NZ beer at the time) Waikato under tow by Minerva Nov 1970


29_shoe-shoe_in_mortar_metadyne_room_Oct1970.jpg (31672 bytes)

Shoe-shoe, who lived in the mortar metadyne room, 

44_Billy_Cotton_Mac_McCormick_Tansy_Lee_Roses_Club_Oct1970.jpg (24663 bytes)

Billy Cotton (RS(W)), Mac McCormick (REA2), Tansey Lee (RS) in the Roses Club, Auckland

12_mixing_xmas_pud_HMS_Minerva_Oct1970.jpg (33133 bytes)

Mixing the Xmas pud, Oct 1970

Ck Nick Nicholls (?), Lt Sloot (Supply Officer), SA Yorky Amos, POCK Tom Wildridge and the skipper


17_HMS_Minerva_Dunedin_NZ_Oct1970.jpg (22007 bytes)

Minerva alongside in Dunedin NZ Oct 1970

42_roughers_off_Sth_Australia_Oct1970.jpg (43494 bytes)

Roughers off South Australia Oct 1970

45_roughers_off_Sth_Australia_Oct1970.jpg (27957 bytes)

Roughers off South Australia Oct 1970

14_CY_Bob_Edgar_RS_Tansy_Lee_Bunbury Races_Australia_Nov1970.jpg (33948 bytes)

Bob Edgar (CY), Tansey Lee (RS) enjoying Bunbury races, W.Australia, Nov 1970


43_Brian_Maddock_Holly_Thomo_Bunbury_Nov1970.jpg (30937 bytes)

2D PO's mess. Brian Maddock, Holly, Thomo (Wafu), Bunbury Nov 1970


44_REA Tony_Baldwin_Holly_RMech_Brian_Maddock_Bunbury_Nov1970.jpg (35147 bytes)

2D PO's mess. Tony Baldwin (REA2), Holly, Brian Maddock (R Mech),  Bunbury Nov 1970


49_mortar_shoot_families_day_Freemantle_Nov1970.jpg (36719 bytes)

Mortar shoot, families day off Fremantle, W Australia Nov 1970

31_HMS_Forth_in_Singapore_monsoon_Dec1970.jpg (8671 bytes)

HMS Forth in Singapore Monsoon, Dec 1970 

33_Andy_Newton_POs_Mess_HMS_Terror_Singapore_Dec1970.jpg (24205 bytes)
CEA2 Isaac Newton, whilst vitalled in POs mess HMS Terror. 
49_Hogmonay_Indian_Ocean_Dec1970.jpg (37828 bytes)

New year's eve, Indian Ocean, Dec 1970. (I've forgotten the names! but the money changer is Lt Sloot.

50_Hogmonay_Indian_Ocean_Dec1970.jpg (36406 bytes)

RS(W) Billy Cotton, & others, Dec 1970

01_PRI_Roy Birch_Naafi_John_Thomas_Indian_Ocean_NY-Eve1970.jpg (29387 bytes)

PRI Roy Birch, Trainee Can Man John Thomas, Dec 1970

02_CY_Bob_Edgar_NYEve1970.jpg (39925 bytes)

The very lovely CY Bob Edgar

Also present, ME Mick Deefholts - Ian Tidbury in red shirt,  Ck Monks, LS Denis Wing on RHS

03_Flight_deck_Indian_Ocean_NYEve1970.jpg (45461 bytes)

..and even lovelier!

04_Flight_deck_Indian_Ocean_NYEve1970.jpg (40485 bytes)

..and more - SA Yorky Amos

05_Flight_deck_Indian_Ocean_NYEve1970.jpg (43340 bytes)

loveliest of all! 

LH side is Dave Tinker,   Navvies Yeo Jock Sinclair, Ck Monks 

06_Flight_deck_Indian_Ocean_NYEve1970.jpg (39161 bytes)

& I bet he never expected to see that on the Internet!  LME Jan Strutt. (ME ? Davis in yellow shirt, Brian Lindsay with headband)

Minerva wardroom silver service 4.jpg (52470 bytes)

Wardroom silver service ..

Minerva wardroom silver service.jpg (45656 bytes)

.. or how the other half lived!


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